We are the first ones to jump into unknown, the first line of defense against bugs, the world’s first explorers – we are betagamer.com. We send gamers on a one-way trip to adventure! Together for a better gaming world!

These are the steps needed to enlist in the Beta Gamer Army.

01 > Joining The Army:

It’s easy! You just need to create your free Beta gamer account!

02 > Get Ready:

Join our Steam Group, Facebook, Twitter and Newsletter so we can easily find you.

03 > Mission Briefing:

On the home page you can easily find, join and apply to your favorite betas.

04 > Soldier Report:

The feedback you provide helps developers identify issues, fix them, and make those games even better.

05 > No Fear:

And the most important thing… Grab some loot, and have fun!


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We're glad you're interested in joining our Beta Gamer community. Your feedback will help shape and improve games from some of the biggest names in the video games industry..

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